We can all agree that food is important. It sustains us, comforts us, brings us together, accompanies major life events. And like most communities, the Golden Isles has numerous options to meet most cravings. So while you can find an expansive list of restaurants online or on various apps, we'd like to share with you our particular favorites. Bon Appétit!

Where to Eat

Midi Recommends

Midi Recommends

Midi has been cooking since she was 10 years old so she is quite comfortable in the kitchen but sometimes, she just wants to go forth and eat something prepared by someone else. When not in the mood to cook at home, she can usually be found at:


Chili Peppers
301 Longview Plaza, St. Simons Island, GA 31522 | 912.268.4635

Why: “I’m obsessed with their folded chicken tacos and the carne asada tacos. I order both á la carte every single time I’m there. Their salsa is also pretty addictive – I can’t shovel it into my mouth fast enough. ”

Comment/Advice/Tip: “The space is small so they really fill up quickly at lunch. Go early or after the lunch rush closer to 1pm to get a table and eat at a more leisurely pace. At peak hour, they will shoo you out! Or that might just be me… because they know I’ll be back regardless.”


3415 Frederica Road, St. Simons Island, GA 31522 | 912.638.1330

Why: “At lunch, my favorite is the Tasso Chicken Pasta. Dinner calls for a more classic approach: Steak Diane is my go to dish here, but sometimes, I like getting adventurous by trying one of the wild game special entrées like antelope or ostrich, something you really can’t get anywhere else.”

Comment/Advice/Tip: “This is where we go for special occasion dinner or when we’re feeling a bit fancy-schmancy. You need reservations at dinner – unless you want to grab a table (or a barstool) at the small bar and eat there – they serve the full menu!”

3779 Darien Highway, Brunswick, GA 31525 | 912.265.1172

Why: “Debating fried chicken in the deep south is pointless task, everyone has their favorite. Mine is here… it’s too bad – or maybe it’s a good thing? – this is mainly a lunch joint – and only open for dinner on Thursday nights.”

Comment/Advice/Tip: “Small buffet in an unassuming oddball building on the side of Hwy 17. There is NO ambiance whatsoever. It’s plastic tablecloths and mix and match tables and chairs… but when the food is good, who cares? When open, the place is packed. And according to my 12 year old nephew, they have the best macaroni and cheese ever…Oh, and bring cash. They don’t take plastic!”


Wake Up Coffee
256 Redfern Village, St. Simons Island, GA 31522 | 912.268.2429

Why: “When I want really good coffee, I come here. It’s small, the people behind the counter are true coffee geeks and know their stuff… and the coffee is delicious! Their beans are Fair Trade Certified and they roast it locally at their Brunswick location. I even buy my whole beans here.”

Comment/Advice/Tip: “The Island location is a small space so seating is always a crap shoot. Sometimes, a mahjong group – yes, I said mahjong! – will take over the entire place. And unlike the chain, they don’t have an army of baristas behind the counter making coffee. It’s usually just one person… so don’t expect zippity quick service. If it’s not too hot out, sit out back and enjoy the marsh view.”

J Herndon Realty, LLC | 7B Retreat Place | St. Simons Island, GA 31522 | 912.434.9088