A neighborhood can be the core of a community: your community. Choosing a neighborhood is as important a decision as buying the house itself. So while only you can determine the sort of neighborhood you want, we can help narrow down the choices with our knowledge of the local real estate market. We are experts in the local market and are familiar with the neighborhoods that collectively make up the the larger community of the Golden Isles!


Area Breakdown

For real estate purposes, the Golden Isles Multiple Listing Service divide up the Golden Isles market into specific geographical areas.

The areas break down as follows:

B1: Brunswick
G1: Central Glynn
G2: North Glynn
G3: West Glynn
S1: South St. Simons Island
S2: Mid-South St. Simons Island
S3: Mid-North St. Simons Island
S4: North St. Simons Island
S6: Sea Island
J1: Jekyll Island
Outer Areas

Why don't we describe neighborhoods with more detail?

It has something to do with Federal Fair Housing Laws. There are federally protected classes/topics (race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, and handicap) that are essentially taboo to those of us in real estate.

Describing neighborhoods in great detail can often lead us down a slippery slope and send the Dept. of Justice to our doorstep...seriously. What we CAN discuss are prices, amenities, features, etc. If you are concerned about the demographic make up of an area, visit the area, look at school data, seek out census information... just please don't ask us!

B1: City of Brunswick

The City of Brunswick is the seat of Glynn County. Founded in the mid-1700's, it continues to serve as an important port city. It has a small picturesque downtown area along Newcastle Street, a Historic District, and lots of commercial and government buildings. The neighborhoods here are firmly established, surrounded by lots of Live Oaks and the streets are set up primarily on the traditional grid system with names reflecting its British roots.

Average sale prices for neighborhoods in the area are as follows:
(SFR = zoned single-family residential | TH = Townhouse)

Brunswick Pointe: SFR, Avg $182,500
Dixville: SFR, Avg $10,500
Goodyear Park, SFR, Avg $91,250
New Town: SFR, Avg $26,470
Old Town: SFR, Avg $124,409
Riverside: SFR, Avg $307,857

© 2017 Midi Shaw© 2017 Midi Shaw

G1: Central Glynn

Central Glynn is a very diverse mix of old and the new, residential and commercial. For MLS purposes, G1 begins between the hospital and the local college and runs up following the geography of the land with the Brunswick River to the west running past the I-95 near Exit 36 and just south of Exit 38 and running east along Chapel Crossing Road to Hwy 17 and the marsh. This is the primary commercial district of the area with older shopping areas along the Altama corridor and newer shopping plazas dotting the Spur 25 corridor between Hwy 17 and Exit 28 featuring the typical big box national chains.

Average prices for a sampling of neighborhoods in this area are as follows:
(SFR = zoned single-family residential | TH = Townhouse)

Belle Point: SFR, Avg $140,617
Beverly Shores: SFR, Avg $68,956
Bridgewater: SFR, Avg $134,871
Brunswick Villa: SFR, Avg $33,627
Cypress Run: TH, Avg $134,275
Fairway Oaks: SFR, AVG $109,650

Glyndale: SFR, Avg $123,624
Glyndale Gardens: SFR, Avg $121,587
Hidden Lakes: SFR, Avg $170,980
Magnolia Park: SFR, Avg $41,338
Peppertree Crossing: Duplex SFR, Avg $215,393
- (55+ community)

G2: North Glynn

North Glynn is a large area spanning both sides of I-95 and over the past several years, has seen a great deal of growth. New subdivision development along the Harry Driggers corridor spawned new schools and an athletic park. This area is also the home of Glynco Airport (BQK), our regional airport serviced by Delta, other large aviation companies, technical colleges etc. This area is where the new Glynn DMV is found along with the Glynn Humane Society off of Hwy 17. Speaking of Hwy. 17, the east side of Hwy 17 is home to several established neighborhoods, many of them with fronting the famed 'Marshes of Mackay' that inspired the poem of the same name by poet Sidney Lanier.

Average prices for a sampling of neighborhoods in this area are as follows:
(SFR = zoned single-family residential | TH = Townhouse)

Autumn's Woods: SFR, Avg $169,160
Caleb's Crossing: TH, Avg $117,583
Carriage Gate Plt.: SFR, Avg $319,189
Country Walk: SFR, Avg $236,612
Covington Pointe: SFR, Avg $204,330
Fox Run - The Village: TH SFR, Avg $240,400
Eagle Crest: SFR, Avg $245,767
Lexington Place: SFR, Avg $228,528

Marshes of Mackay: SFR, Avg $232,971
Oak Grove Island: SFR, Avg $344,140
Sandalwood: SFR, Avg $127,786
Shell Pointe: SFR $177,359
Southern Landing: SFR, Avg $285,180
Tanglewood: SFR, Avg $153,003
Timber Ridge: SFR, Avg $149,467
The Villas at Golden Isles: Condo, Avg $157,660

© 2017 Midi Shaw

G3: West Glynn

West Glynn lies west of the Brunswick River and runs west to the county line with Brantley and south to Camden. Development boomed in this area during the mid-2000s, predominantly residential subdivisions spreading west on vast tracts of previously undeveloped land. The commercial development in the area is primarily centered around Exit 29 of I-95, large truck stops line the exit along with several shopping plazas supporting the growing residential community. East of Exit 29 is the famed Colonels Island, the largest automobile entry point on the East Coast along with several established subdivisions along the Turtle River.

Average prices for a sampling of neighborhoods in the area are as follows:
(SFR = zoned single-family residential | TH = Townhouse)

© 2017 Midi Shaw

Avondale: SFR, $153,000
Blythe Island: SFR, $ 164,786
Blythe Village: SFR, $105,980
Cameron: SFR, $ 141,175
Clearwater: SFR, $ 236,175
Emmanuel Church Estates: SFR, $142,167
Fancy Bluff: SFR, $ 109,863
Foxcreek Estates: SFR, $357,700
Laurel Grove Plantation: SFR, $312,677

Majestic Oaks: SFR, $197,600
Planting Hammock: SFR, $
Ratcliff Lake: SFR, $244,250
Royal Oaks: SFR, $324,780
Seranoa Cove, SFR, $369,650
Satilla Sands: SFR, $177,770
Satilla Shores: SFR $229,571
Somersby Pointe: SFR $187,786
Southwinds: SFR $156,636
The Lakes: SFR $276,996

S1: South St. Simons Island

South St. Simons Island is the area south of Demere Road and running an easterly line to the ocean as Demere curves south. It is this area that most people think of when they think of St. Simons Island - with its iconic lighthouse, the beach, and shops and pier of 'The Village' at the southern most tip of the Island. Commercial development lines Demere Road all the way past McKinnon Airport but residential development lurks beyond the main roads into the fingers of land that reach in and out of the marsh. Established subdivisions and neighborhoods that grew up organically over time mingle together here along with the condominiums scattered throughout the area. The area is consistently popular with people wanting to be close to the beach and Village for their primary homes, second homes or as investments for the growing rental market.

Average sale prices for a sampling of neighborhoods are as follows:
(SFR = zoned single-family residential | TH = Townhouse)

Beach Club: Condo, $410,500
Beacon Park: TH Condos, $225,610
Coast Cottages: SFR, $1,075,000
Courtyard Villas: TH Condo, $177,000
Demere Oaks: SFR, $554,600
East Beach: SFR, $1,044,476
Gascoigne: Condo, $150,622
Golf Retreat North: SFR, $1,098,333
Harbour Oaks: Condo, $ 237,647
Highland Acres, SFR, $327,143
Island Marshwood: TH Condo, $194,938
Island Retreat: Condo, $176,313

Island Retreat: SFR, $ 392,800
Island Square: Condo, $144,875
Island Townhouse: Condo, $169,417
King City: SFR, $595,124
Kings Terrace: SFR, $391,750
Mallory Villas: TH Condo, $206,625
Ocean Walk: Condo, $203,070
Sandcastle: SFR, $327,222
St. Simons Island Club: SFR, $782,403
Sea View: Condo, $744,058
The Reserve at Demere: TH SFR, $278,325
Village Green: Condo, $137,900

S2: Mid-South St. Simons Island

Mid-South St. Simons Island is the area north of Demere Road and running up Frederica Road to Sea Island Road. It begins in the commercial area at the Demere/Frederica traffic circle and ends in another commercial area at the Shops at Sea Island. In between are residential subdivisions, primarily single-family residential. The areas east of the traffic circle running north of Demere is also residential and home to several established neighborhoods popular for their proximity to the beach, Village etc. and carries more of the flavor of the S1 area, the MLS delineations being artificial at best.

Average sale prices for a sampling of neighborhoods are as follows:
(SFR = zoned single-family residential | TH = Townhouse)

© 2017 Midi Shaw

Barkintine Court, TH Condo $201,000
Barnes Plantation, Condo $179,412
Brockinton Marsh, TH Condo $195,050
Devonwood Estates, SFR $449,500
El Dorado, SFR $299,000
Epworth Acres, SFR $339,833
Hamilton Landing, SFR $666,500
Harrison Pointe, SFR $348,136
Kelvin Grove, SFR $380,600
Kings Marsh Villas, Condo $286,500
Mariner’s Landing, TH SFR $319,831
Oak Forest, SFR $329,340

Pelican Place, TH Condo $210,500
Riverview, SFR $305,667
Rowantree, SFR $507,000
St. Simons Heights, SFR $344,667
Shadow Brook Village, Condo $121,752
Shaws Bounty, SFR $658,019
Skiff Landing, Condo $183,500
The Gates, TH $327,200
Walmar Grove, Condo $164,750
Vassar Pointe, SFR $568,719
Wymberly-On-The-Marsh, SFR $434,833
Youngwood, SFR $420,750

S3: Mid-North St. Simons Island

This area runs north of Sea Island Road up to the split off between Frederica Road and Lawrence Road and running west following Frederica just past Fort Frederica. While the area just north of Sea Island Road has some commercial development including a relatively new shopping plaza across from the Shops at Sea Island and up into the area fronting Frederica by Glynn Haven, it quickly gives way to residential development dominated by Sea Palms Golf Resort Subdivision on the eastern side of Frederica. Frederica curves west at the traffic circle and features the Island's newer elementary school, historic sites and several residential subdivisions.

Average sale prices for a sampling of neighborhoods in the area are as follows:
(SFR = zoned single-family residential | TH = Townhouse)

© Copyright 2017 M Shaw

Bay Tree Cottages, SFR $273,628
Cottages at Musgrove, SFR $292,883
Courtside Villas, Condo, $155,186
Deer Run Villas, TH Condo $182,750
Executive Golf Villas, Condo $121,000
Fairway Cottages, SFR $343,750
Fairway Villas, TH Condo $170,000
Glynn Haven Estates, SFR $272,930
Grandview, SFR $404,000
Harrington, SFR $278,019
Linkside Patio Homes, SFR $ 273,667

Sea Palms, SFR $506,788
Sea Palms North Cottages, SFR $421,375
Simonton, SFR $341,332
Sinclair Pointe, SFR $495,171
Southern Oaks, SFR $436,967
St. Clair, SFR $338,971
The Oaks, Condo $182,629
The Commons, SFR $357,179
The Country Club, SFR $494,429
Township Bluff, SFR $414,654
Village Creek Way, SFR $336,561

S4: North St. Simons Island

Commonly referred to by locals as “The North End” this is the largest area geographically in the MLS delineation mainly due to the fact that it is the least developed on the Island.This area is home to large tracts of privately owned land, some of which was recently acquired by the St. Simons Land Trust who will ensure the land will never be developed. There are several gated and non-gated communities along Lawrence Road, along with a relatively new athletic field/park. At the very north end of the Island is the Hampton Point Marina that sits where the Hampton Point River meets Jones Creek. A bike path was installed along the entire length of Lawrence Road a few years back.

Average sale prices for neighborhoods in the area are as follows:
(SFR = zoned single-family residential | TH = Townhouse)

Frederica Golf Club, SFR $1,162,500
Hampton Plantation, SFR $446,567
Hampton Point, SFR $571,100
Hampton River Villas, TH Condo $179,852
Limeburn Village, TH SFR $337,492
Jones Creek, SFR $740,000
West Point, SFR $582,333

S6: Sea Island

Sea Island is a private island and until recently owned by the Sea Island Corporation, a local family owned company who developed the high-end golf resort empire. While based on Sea Island proper, its property developments and famous golf courses extend onto St. Simons Island itself so the two communities are distinctly integrated. For example, Sea Island’s Lodge, the areas only 5 Star Michelin rated hotel and it’s Tom Defazio designed Seaside Course is actually on the southern end of St. Simons Island just as the Retreat Course is situated inside St. Simons Island Club Subdivision also on the south end of St. Simons Island.

Today, Sea Island is owned by Anschutz Corp. who also owns the renown Broadmoor Resort in Colorado. The jewel in the crown of the Sea Island empire is undoubtedly The Cloister Resort on Sea Island proper. It hosted the 2004 G8 Summit of World Leaders and then was entirely renovated from top to bottom with spectacular results. Sea Island Co., despite its outside ownership, is still an integral part of the community, and continues to offer luxury high-end service to its guests and members. They also host events such as rock concerts, food events and farmers markets throughout the year through its Southern Grown label.

Aside from the resorts, The Cloister, The Beach Club and the even more exclusive resort within a resort of Ocean Forest, there are no commercial developments on Sea Island.

Average sale prices of homes on Sea Island in 2016/2017 was approximately $2.3 million

J1: Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island sits just south of St. Simons Island on the other side of the Brunswick River and St. Simons Sound. It has a rich history as it was where the notable wealthy with such recognizable names as Goodyear, Carnegie and Rockefeller vacationed. It is also where the concept of the U.S. Federal Reserve was born.

For many years, Jekyll Island existed primarily on construction from the 60’s and 70’s until an effort to revitalize the Island began a few years ago. Today, in addition to the historic Jekyll Island Club Hotel and the historic district, it boasts a new oceanfront Convention Center, Westin hotel, and new shopping plaza. All this new construction has spurred existing businesses to renovate and upgrade as well!

It also has the Jekyll Island Turtle Center, known nationwide for turtle conservancy, education and rescue. Summer Waves water park is a wonderful way to beat the heat. Also, Jekyll Island is one of the most popular destinations for weddings in the Golden Isles with its wide stretched of beaches, undeveloped forests and laid back atmosphere.

Real estate-wise, Jekyll Island is sort of an oddity. It is owned by the state of Georgia and operated by the Jekyll Island Authority who is under a state mandate to limit development. All real estate owned on the Island is done so through a land lease with the JI Authority. It is a long-term land lease so technically it still stands up as ‘ownership,’ but all of this adds an additional bit of potential complications in any real estate transaction. Most oceanfront residential development are in the form of condominiums and many of these serve in mandatory resort rental capacities. Single-family homes tend to be found more in the interior lots and tend to be older, reflecting the era when development was at its height.

Average sale prices in a sampling of neighborhoods are as follows:
(SFR = zoned single-family residential | TH = Townhouse)

© 2017 Midi Shaw

Jekyll Beach, SFR $745,889
Oak Grove, SFR $325,083
Palmetto, SFR $364,000
Pine Grove, SFR $433,333
Plantation, SFR $380,233
The Cottages At Jekyll, SFR $484,796
Villas by the Sea, Condo, $205,809

Outer Areas

Our market is larger than the Glynn County line. We have Darien and McIntosh County to the north. Darien is well known for its shrimping industry. To the south lies Camden County. While we are more associated with north Camden, a relatively rural area, the communities of Kingsland and St. Mary sit to the south end of the county and fall under their own real estate jurisdiction through the Camden/Charlton County Board of REALTORS® but our markets, buyers, and agents often overlap. Many of their agents are also members of our MLS. Camden County is primarily known for Kings Bay Naval Base, an nuclear sub-base, and serves a large military community. It is also the access point to reach Cumberland Island, an undeveloped protected island known for its wild horses. To the west of Glynn County, the communities of Nahunta, Jesup and a myriad of other small towns lend their own influences to our Golden Isles community.

Here is a sampling of areas and sale prices for the 2016/2017:

Belle Bluff, SFR $145,250
Belvedere Island, SFR $286,983
City of Darien, SFR $80,322
Coastal Pines, SFR $121,373
Fairview, SFR $60,167
Priester, SFR $234,500
Settler's Bluff, TH/Condo $164,943
Shellman Bluff, SFR $113,000
Spaulding Point, SFR, $242,000
Sutherland Bluff, SFR $328,630
White Chimney, SFR $113,000

McIntosh County

Creekside Oaks, SFR $
Devonshire, SFR $
Hickory Bluff, SFR $
Horseshoe Cove, SFR $
Plantation Point, SFR $
Red Bluff, SFR $
River Place Plantation, SFR $
Sanctuary Cove, SFR $
Waverly Farms, SFR $

North Camden County

CCC Road N Ph.1, SFR $
Fendig Place, SFR $
Happy Landing, SFR $
Hawk’s Landing, SFR $
Heritage Plantation, SFR $
Mossy Oak Plantation, SFR $
Satilla Plantation, SFR $
Satilla River Estates, SFR $
The Retreat at Post Road, SFR $
Whisper Ridge, SFR $

Brantley/Wayne County

Data Source: Golden Isles Multiple Listing Service for June 2016-June 2017

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